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About us

About us

Company TRIGANO PRIKOLICE d.o.o. started to work 01.09.2016., with head office and production in Kragujevac, as a representative of the French group Trigano. Annually produces about 120,000 trailers.

Trigano car trailers


Car Show in Kragujevac 07-09 December 2018


Visit us at a car show from 07-09 December

Župska berba from 20-23.09.2018 Aleksandrovac


Our representative from Kruševac, Limes, participates at this year’s Župa fair.

Guča Festival, 8 - 12 August 2018


Trigano Trailers also appeared in Guca at the traditional Trubar party.

Holiday notifications and new deliveries


We would like to inform you that our collective holiday is from August 11 to August 28, 2018...