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About us About us

Welcome to Trigano

Company TRIGANO PRIKOLICE d.o.o. started to work 01.09.2016., with head office and production in Kragujevac, as a representative of the French group Trigano.

Trigano Group, is a leader in manufacturing and selling of car trailers in Europe. Annually produces about 120,000 trailers.

Trigano prikolice d.o.o. manufactures trailers, both for export to Europe, and for the domestic market.

Annual production is around 15,000 trailers, which are sold throughout Europe.

Each of our trailer is certified on the basis of European type-approval:e2 * 2007/46 * 0195 * 11 and
e2 * 2007/46 * 0200 * 12. This approval was confirmed for our market, by the Traffic Safety Agency, in the form of certificates of conformity type (PC10VU0033, RS10VU0034).